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Calligraphy in the Decorative canon

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This ONLINE presentation and course taught by the celebrated calligraphers Paul Antonio & Soraya Syed, session facilitated by Adam Williamson.

Special session discusses the place of Calligraphy with the decorative canon comprising of Calligraphy, Geometry and Arabesque.

There will be practical introductions tools, materials an introduction to western Quadrata script and the proportioning system attributed to Ibn Muqla (d. 940) who is an iconic figure in Arabic calligraphy

“Calligraphy is spiritual geometry made manifest through physical tools”. Attributed to Yaqut al-Mustasimi

Textualis Quadrata was the basis of most the scripts used in the Gothic/Mediaeval period. It reflected the geometry used in the cathedrals and rose windows of the time by placing emphasis on the square, circle, quadrant, lozenge and vertical downstrokes.

The session can be observed or participatory. Equipment link below.

Calligraphy in the Decorative canon

To download the course pack click the link below. Suggested donations of £10, £20 or £30 to enable us to continue these classes.


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REQUIRED equipment & materials

Arabic Calligraphic reed pen Kalam

UK Supplier – Western Calligraphy Pen
UK Supplier – Paper Pad 

US Supplier – Western Calligraphy Pen or Calligraphy Pen
US Supplier – Paper Pad or Paper Pad 

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