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The Lotfollah Iwan Panel
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Lotfollah Iwan Panel



These ONLINE presentations taught by Adam Williamson are inspired by his studies and travels.

Draw this sublime 17th century Safavid 8 fold pattern under the Iwan at the entrance gate to the Sheikh Lotfollah in Isfahan. The body of the sumptuous bioficating spiral pattern is a series of reflecting isosceles triangles surrounding a central illuminated 16 fold peacock medallion

Lotfollah Iwan Panel

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REQUIRED equipment & materials

  • A compass (recommended compass is the Rotring Master Bow)
  • A ruler
  • Paper size A2
  • Range of Pencils (6B-4H)
  • Tracing paper
  • Zero Eraser or equivalent
  • Optional – Coloured pencils.
  • Optional – Fine line drawing pens (useful to have, but not essential)


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