I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this fabulous learning experience. I was a bit anxious to take the entire 3 week course as it represented a big investment for me. However, I am so glad and grateful I did!! This was probably a life changing and major life empowerment for me on a professional and personal level. I was really impressed by the depth of your knowledge and the low key, casual yet easily understandable way you shared everything. Also, it seems like you try to change the choice of patterns in your different courses to accommodate folks who have taken courses with you in the past and that is really awesome and a lot more work for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bastou (Sebastien Bacharach), Canada (Summer School 2017)

I will never look at Islamic patterns the same way again. The ‘Art of Islamic Pattern’ class not only taught me the essentials of how to create Islamic geometric patterns and Islamic floral motifs (Islimi/Arabesque), but also the symbolism behind these designs. This knowledge has given me a deeper understanding and admiration for this already fascinating art form. In addition, the teachers are simply wonderful! It was a pleasure absorbing their knowledge, experience, and passion for the subject matter.

Kung Pik Liu, Creative Director and co-owner of Sakina Design, California, USA

I wanted to thank you both for a most interesting and stimulating programme!

Sir Terence Clark, KBE, CMG, CVO, (Istanbul Study Trip 2012)

I just wanted to say a big thank you to both of you for the Istanbul study trip; your patience, skill and knowledge made it a very special experience. The course was everything I could have hoped for and more. Being immersed in a place and seeing the designs first hand in the mosques made the geometry come alive. I have got a lot of ideas to process now and am looking forward to seeing how everything I learnt feeds into my own practice.

Lesley Halliwell(Istanbul Study Trip 2015)

A huge, thank you for such a fantastic week in Esfahan.   I wasn’t really sure exactly what to expect with the course, but I absolutely loved it all and feel so inspired by all the beautiful places we visited and learnt about.  I’ve been attempting some other patterns this week (with varying levels of success!) and look forward to learning more in future.  Thank you so, so much for everything and all your organisation –  I hope to see you on another course soon!

Katherine Boyle  Isfahan Study Trip 2017

Dear Richard, Adam and Lateefa, May I just say a massive thank you for this course. I judge a course on whether I gained something I could not have taught myself. Had I simply bought books there’s no way I could have gained the understanding of Islamic Art I gained from you. It was incredibly valuable and it was lovely to meet everyone else. All of you are so well travelled and bright!

Sayde Scarlett, USA (Spring Intensive course 2015)

I just wanted say once again thank you so much for arranging the the trip of a life time! You guys really did make my dream come true. Never in a millions years did i think I’d ever get to go. I had an amazing time! It felt so surreal finally getting to see the domes and mosques! Thank you for taking us there and looking after us. And thank you for everything you guys have taught me. 

Raanaz ShahidIsfahan Study Trip 2017

Hi Both, now that the intensive week has come to an end I just want to say u guys are great & l have a real sense of appreciation of how much time & energy you guys put into this for us students. You guys do a lot with all the extra bits you do in class & outside of class for all our little projects to be completed etc. Thank you for making it an enjoyable experience. Well I hope u both have some great travels ahead!

Saiqah (Summer School 2017)

Thank you for everything Adam. This course was an experience I will never forget. First time studying art and living on my own.Hope one day our paths cross again. You are extremely inspiring. I really enjoyed marquetry. Will try my hand at it, if I have doubts will pester you…hope that’s okay.

Tanvi. India (Summer School 2017)

Just want to thank you all very much for the beautiful, interesting and unique opportunity you gave us with the course in Abu Dhabi! I really hope to see you soon, it ll be wonderful for me to follow you all in a new experience!

Charlotte Bandini, Italy (Abu Dhabi Intensive workshop)

It was a pleasure to attend the Spring Intensive course last week. The whole thing was very well run and fun to participate in.

Professor Craig Kaplan, Canada (Spring Intensive course)

I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic course. It really was food for the mind and a welcome antidote to my day-to-day. I look forward to getting down to some homework and joining up for the next course in the new year.

Nicholas Leech, feature writer for The National, Abu Dhabi’s daily English language newspaper (Abu Dhabi Intensive workshop)

Ouhaa! Great pictures! Thanks so much Adam, Richard and everyone for those fantastic 3 weeks with you all! It was so rich and nice to meet you all and to share with you our passion, gorgeous drawings and crafting ! Despite my English, I could follow the course so well and understand you with my heart because each of you is a human being with a lovely soul and a lot of joy and generosity! Thanks so much Adam and Richard for your generosity, patience, and your involved and to open the door for us to secrets of the universe! See you soon and a nice artistic journey for all!

Delphine Thieffry, France (Summer School 2017)

Just to say a huge thank you for a wonderful course in Istanbul! I thoroughly enjoyed it, thought the classes were great, and it was also a brilliant opportunity to meet like-minded and inspirational people. It’s one of the best things I have done 🙂 Thank you once again for a well-organized course and excellent tuition.

Lizzie Hobbs (Istanbul Study Trip 2015)

I’ve shown my artwork to my friends and they were absolutely amazed by the detailed work. I’ve learned a lot from this short class, I wonder how much I could have learned if I stayed longer. Will definitely try to take your another session next summer.

Shermeen Uqaili, Dallas, USA (Summer School 2016)

These wonderful pictures have transported us back to Granada and an unforgettable experience with all of you.  Richard, Adam & Lateefa (and Zade, of course), you have developed a very inspiring way of teaching and we thank you very much for that. The gathering of such an interesting bunch of people made it even more special.  Thank you. I can’t imagine a better context for visiting that remarkable place. It made for a great opportunity to study and think more carefully about how the Alhambra came into being and how it has continued to become what it is today.  A great work of art.  Thanks too to Sama for your work and very interesting talk and to Zaruq for your knowledge and good spirit.

Look forward to the next trip!

Lise Bratton & Graeme Murray, Scotland (Granada Study Trip 2012)

Thank you Adam & Richard for all the wonderful teachings of Islamic Pattern/Design. I had a wonderful time learning and exploring the various techniques that were taught…the skills are definitely going to be useful for upcoming work/projects.

Aiidah A Rasheed, San Francisco, USA

The course is quite unique in the UK. The art which is taught is traditional, meaningful, and pure, which is rare to find today. The course does not replace an apprenticeship, but is a brilliant, eye-opening introduction. Those interested in teaching Islamic art or contributing to the design of a zawiya or decorating their own home will find it very useful.

Mustafa Styer, Jordon (Weekly Introduction Course)

The course in Istanbul was wonderful.  For me, visiting the mosques with knowledgeable people like you was a particular high point…..I’m very much up for going to Granada next year.

Mary Budd, UK (Istanbul Study Trip 2012)

Thanks again to both of you, brilliant teachers teaching teaching brilliant things, what more could we want. All the best for the return to London.

Hanna Whiteman, Granada, Spain (Granada Study Trip 2010)

I just wanted take this opportunity again to thank you both for an excellent course. You are both exceptional talents and consummate professionals. Your teaching style is very warm and welcoming, especially for those like myself who have no artistic background. It’s been the highlight of my week over the last 3 months.

Tas Azam, London, UK (Weekly Introduction Course)

Thank you for your lessons, Richard – I have really enjoyed coming to this course, and been most impressed by the breadth and depth of your knowledge. Whilst I understand the relevance of geometry in astronomy, its appearance in alchemy and other fields was a real treat – and your genuine passion for this subject really came through. Thank you, I enjoyed immensely learning so much (more than I bargained for, really, which is a bonus!) – you are a very good teacher.

Nabeela Ameen, Cambridge, UK (Weekly Introduction Course)

Adam – I fixed the stone carving to the wall this morning, and it looks stunning. It is opposite my desk in my small study at home, and I can’t keep my eyes away from it. Thanks a lot to you and Richard for that exciting course, I enjoyed it tremendously and will be back at some point.

Juliette Delville, Belgium (Weekly Introduction Course)

Many thanks to you for making this workshop unforgettable one. I learned new techniques I didn’t know and ways to develop my skills as well.  This encouraged me to move forward, knowing that I will face challenges but I will also move beyond them. Thank you for sharing all the materials related to the workshop. 

Amel Al Aboodi, Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Intensive workshop)

I must say the course was brilliant. I thought the pace and what we covered was great. It was quite relaxed but I thought we achieved a lot in a short time and the people I met were brilliant and inspiring. The day at the Al Hambra was for me the highlight. Thanks for all the organization and planning…I would definitely recommend the trip (if you do others) to my friends. Thanks as well for the photos. I just had a look at them now, they were lovely and summed up the trip for me.

Fiona Mclean, UK (Granada Study Trip 2010)

Dearest Richard, Adam, Lateefa and Zade. Thank you once again for a magical geometric adventure : ) with love and blessings.

Ahlka Vohora, South Africa (Granada Study Trip 2010)

Looking over the list of participants I am reminded of the incredible talent I was privileged to be surrounded by, and the friendships that were formed in the 4 day period.  Art does bring people together, and this was no exception except to say I think the warmth and caring of this group for each other was exceptional.  Much of the credit is due to the magic in your teaching, and the warmth each of you had in making every student feel special.

I was so blessed to have been surrounded by true artists and talent, which has only inspired me to learn and create more. Being the only non artist in the group and my total lack of geometry skills did not daunt me in the slightest. It made me even more determined and I will continue to practice, practice, practice  One of these days I promise to have a piece of art to show you that will make you proud. 

Mary James, USA (Istanbul Study Trip 2014)

Thank you so much for the pictures.  The trip was an amazing experience for me. I had trouble to adjust back and felt my spirit stayed in Granada!  Apart from the course what I enjoyed so much was being amongst people from all sorts of different backgrounds.  So thank you so much for bringing us all together and for your enthusiasm too.  Definitely will join on the next Istanbul trip.

Hasret Brown, Birmingham, UK (Granada Study Trip 2012)

Thank you so much for those pictures. I very much enjoyed the Granada trip. It was all very well organized, right from that start with all the emails and throughout the trip. The location was perfect too. I think we were all able to make good friends easily and I’m still in touch with a few.
Thanks again for the opportunity, please do let me know of other trips you plan.

Tasneem Aziz, London, UK (Granada Study Trip 2010)

I just wanted to thank you guys again for a fascinating introduction to the art of Islamic pattern. You were both very friendly and patient with us all and made the whole experience all the more pleasant. It really is inspiring to see the breadth of knowledge you share on the subject, and how you have applied these traditional art techniques in so many different ways through your various commissioned works.

It’s so important that this form of art and the knowledge behind it is available to the public to learn about and experience; it’s an invaluable service you are offering… Modern man needs more then ever before a form of beauty that is a crystallization of primordial truths, giving access to those truths and therefore creating a form of balance and peace in their minds and hearts (to whatever capacity he/she can take). Islamic art is certainly one of those forms of beauty, and thus the knowledge and experience you are offering is of the utmost relevance and value.

I hope to be able to attend any future courses you may offer.

Ali Bakir, London, UK (Weekly Introduction Course)

Thanks again for the wonderful time I spent while on the field trip in Istanbul the other week. Your knowledge and guidance are invaluable, and I loved every single bit about the course. As I had such a great time, I’m thinking about attending the sequel in Granada later this year.

Piotr, Poland (Granada Study Trip 2014)

Just wanted to say thank you so much for such a wonderful course
I really enjoyed it and I wish I had not missed the first 4 lessons.
The people were great and your teachings were also great.
I wish all the best in the future and look forward to collecting my tiles can’t wait to see them.

Fawziya Riaz, London, UK (Weekly Introduction Course)

A fantastic morning, lead by excellent workshop leaders.  Favorite photos during the introduction lecture included an eclipse, some lily pads and a magnified pollen grain!  The children enjoyed learning how to use a pair of compasses and experienced a true sense of achievement.  Stenciling, creating geometric patterns, colouring and making beautiful patterns were all extremely popular activities. Certainly a day to remember.

Lucy Holden, Teacher at Daneshill School, Surrey (Schools workshops)

I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely wonderful week! I enjoyed myself so much and learned a lot. It was a pleasure to both meet and learn from you guys. You have an excellent program and are excellent teachers. 

Jillian Wiig, Jordon (Istanbul Study Trip 2014)

You’ll be glad to know I am utterly hooked since coming back from the Istanbul Study Trip, I’ve completed 4 designs so far and I’m working on my 5th!

Danielle Wisbey, UK (Istanbul Study Trip 2014)

Just a little email to say thank you so much for the wonderful course.

It’s been a real pleasure spending a week with you and learning so many new (well, old) things. I certainly hope to do a field trip and more courses with you in the near future!

Estelle Baylis, UK (Spring Intensive course)

Thank you SO MUCH again! One of the best weeks ever. Learned so much and had a great time connecting with folks!

Sydney, California USA (Spring Intensive course)

Thank you so much for the two day STEM workshop last week. The sessions were excellent and the students were so engaged. Real hands-on learning, which is what we aim for on these curriculum days. Now we need to plan how we get you back to make a permanent structure in our school grounds!

Kirsten, Mary Webb School, Shropshire (Schools workshops)

Thank you so much for posting the tiles. I cannot believe i did this and i am so thrilled. Thanks again for a most wonderful workshop. miss you all guys.

Hala Sabet, UK (Spring Intensive course)

Thank you so much Adam for this. I was able to recognize my tiles although I didn’t expect they would go that far and reach this last stage 🙂 I have the sweetest memory of this workshop we did this summer. Thank you so much!
Rana Shehabeddine (Summer Intensive)

Hope you’re well too. Just wanted to say a big thank you for the Granada Trip, I had a wonderful time, learnt so much and found it so very enlightening! I’ve smiled a lot reliving it all just now through the Dropbox and Facebook photos, thank you for the sharing them!

I wish you all the best and much success in all the genuinely inspiring work you do.

Samira Man (Granada Study Trip 2014)

I really enjoyed my first experience of exploring the background and technique of Islamic Art. I found it totally engrossing and haven’t concentrated so hard for several years. Wielding a compass and trying to keep up certainly focused my mind and I am really proud of the work I have brought home, even though I didn’t have time to complete each day’s exercise.

I thought Babaoglu’s demonstration of paper marbling techniques was fascinating, and there have been a few “oohs and aaghs’ from friends when I show them my attempt, I think that means they are impressed.
Lovely to see all your photos as well, thanks for those.

Sally Moser (Istanbul Study Trip 2015)