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    Art of Islamic Pattern have over 15 years experience leading workshops around the world for children of all ages at schools, community events, as well as within gallery and museum settings.

    School workshops can be adapted to all Key Stages of the National Curriculum and can support learning across a range of disciplines from mathematics to art, science, history, geography and design. The workshops are introduced with stimulating slideshows, which place the patterns within their cultural and historical context.

    We are DBS certified, updated 2021.

    Listed below are examples of typical workshops. All of these can be adapted to specific curriculum themes.

    Pattern in Islamic Art
    Geometry of Structure
    Stenciling and Collage
    Stone Carving*
    Plaster Carving*
    Ceramic tiles*

    *The applied workshops (clay, mosaic or stone) may require longer sessions and preparation, and additional on-site facilities.

    See pictures from recent workshops in Doha

    Fees start at £350 for a half-day workshop, £500 for a full day workshop, with one workshop leader. This includes all basic materials; any specialist materials (clay, mosaic or stone) will be supplied at cost price.

    For groups larger than 25 children, or where a second workshop leader is required, the fee will increase proportionately.

    Art of Islamic Pattern also run regular classes for Home School groups in the studio.

    Please call us, or write using the contact link (top right) for further details.

    “A fantastic morning, lead by excellent workshop leaders.  Favourite photos during the introduction lecture included an eclipse, some lily pads and a magnified pollen grain!  The children enjoyed learning how to use a pair of compasses and experienced a true sense of achievement.  Stencilling, creating geometric patterns, colouring and making beautiful patterns were all extremely popular activities. Certainly a day to remember.”

    Lucy Holden, Teacher
    Daneshill School, Surrey

    Below: Watch a time lapse taken during a Art of Islamic Pattern Schools workshop at Come Together Exhibition at the Old Truman Brewery. Time Lapse ©Alex Maguire