All of Richard Henry’s classes are being presented within structured series of classes. Each series can be taken as a self contained course. Participants can work through the course of sessions at their own pace, whilst also enjoying access to upcoming LIVE classes.

Each series has a specific focus. The ‘Geometry Primer’ Series is currently presented each Wednesday, is specifically aimed at beginners.

The three ‘Exploring Symmetry’ Series, currently being cycled through each Saturday, each focus upon one particular family of symmetry. Each series starts from a simple design and progressively builds in complexity as students develop confidence in understanding and accurately recreating more sophisticated designs.

Each LIVE workshop will end with an open forum, during which particiapants have the opportunity to share their work and ask questions.

Click on the images below to view the individual workshops in each series in more detail and register either for an individual workshop or a whole series.

For upcoming classes, please visit the main ON-LINE classes page.