This 208 page book showcases hundreds of sensational artworks produced by people across the globe from their bedrooms and kitchens as part of the online art classes I had the privilege to run during lockdown in 2020/21.

Published by Little Wood Books and Squeeze press
It will also be available in all good book shops from September 2022

Studio collection East London

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20 chapters; each based on a pattern taught during Adam Williamson’s online lockdown classes, complete with backstory, pattern construction stages and participants stunning artworks.

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Profound Patterns

This was clearly a special moment, that needed to be documented; the world had closed down, but a window had opened to look within, offering people time to discover and develop hidden talents. While sharing their artwork and stories on social media, a community was formed which provided participants with heartwarming support in their artist journeys. 

The patterns presented in the book, along with step-by-step illustrations and historical notes, have been gleaned from my travels, studies of ancient monuments, and research with world masters. We have chosen to focus on 20 patterns and include stunning images in a diverse range of applications, alongside personal reflections, generously shared by class participants.  

This has been an epic community project only achievable due to the help of so many kind people!

The book is entirely self funded.