Course Details & Booking

Study Trip:
19-23 Feb 2025

5 Day Intensive:
9am - 6pm (approximate timing)

Bayt Yakan, 3 Hassan Agha, Souq al-Silah Street, al-Darb al-Ahmar, Historic Cairo, 11639 Egypt.

Course fee:
£630 includes site entry, lunches & specialist materials. Excluding flights and accommodation

£280 for 6 nights, single-sex shared twin room within the historic course venue, including breakfast and lunch.

Local discounted fee:
Reduction for local Egyptians. Please ask for details.

Not included

Terms & Conditions:
We require a 50% deposit of £315 (course only) / £455 (Course & Accommodation) to reserve a place on the study trip. The balance is payable 4 weeks before departure.

The course deposit can be transferred to another study trip, or UK course (not including UAE courses), if 8 weeks notice of cancellation is given.


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    Five-day workshop in Cairo, Egypt 19-23 Feb 2025.

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    We are excited to announce that the course will take place at the historic UNESCO Bayt Yakan, 17th century building located in al-Darb al-Ahmar district in the heart of Historic Cairo. Participants also have the opportunity to stay within the historic complex for the duration of the course.

    Article in the New York Times

    Over the 5 day intensive workshop we will spend mornings drawing patterns followed by afternoon site visits to the most stunning Mamluk sites in and around Al Muizz street in the heart of Islamic Cairo.

    This trip will also include extended visits to the famous medieval Sultan Hasan Mosque & Ibn Tulun Mosque, built in the 9th century.

    There will be daily lessons in mamluk geometric and nabati (Arabesque) patterns and a talks by fabulous local specialists/historians. The course will include a traditional Wood Inlay and Joinery workshop with the talented @alyaa Using intricate interlocking of pieces to create complex geometric patterns without the use of nails or glue, then inlaying bone, ebony, and wenge, following techniques used in magnificent historic Mamluk minbars of Cairo.

    Note: As with all our study trips, all teaching material will be based upon local sources: on this trip the mosques of Cairo. The content will be different to our London courses and other study trips.