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Golden Spiral, 5 fold geometry and building dodecahedron


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This course will cover a pattern analysed by Adam Williamson.

In this extended class learn about the golden proportion, the fibonacci sequence and fractal geometry and how it manifests in nature and Islamic Pattern.

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We draw a pentagonal net, a logarithmic gold spiral and then build a dodecahedron.

Geometry occurs in the art and crafts of cultures throughout human history, directly inspired from within the rhythms and structures of life itself. Its principles are beyond time and place.

In this workshop participants will be investigating mathematical principles of symmetry and tessellation as exhibited in the world of nature. These universal principles govern growth and structure and are found in both crystalline and botanical nature.

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REQUIRED equipment & materials

  • A compass (recommended compass is the Rotring Master Bow)
  • A ruler
  • Cartridge paper – A3 size ideally heavy weight (120gsm plus)
  • Range of Pencils (6B-4H)
  • Tracing paper
  • Knife
  • Zero Eraser or equivalent
  • Optional – Coloured pencils.
  • Optional – Fine line drawing pens (useful to have, but not essential)

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