Adam and Richard

Art of Islamic Pattern was founded by Adam Williamson & Richard Henry in 2008. Richard and Adam have given workshops, presentations and public lectures at many of the leading cultural and educational institutions in the UK and beyond, including:-

NYU & Spotify, USA, The British Museum, The British Library, The Victoria & Albert Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe, The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, The Slade School of Fine Art, Central St Martins, The Royal Society, Asia House, Cambridge University, Pardis University, Isfahan and Zaytuna College, Berkeley, USA.

Art of Islamic Pattern now includes a group of practicing artists, craftsmen and specialists from around the world.


Adam Williamson


Adam Williamson is a sculptor and carver and decorative pattern specialist. He has been commissioned by HRH the Prince of Wales, Oxford University, Shakespeare’s Globe London, Kew Gardens & Westminster Abbey.

Adam is a leading specialist in biomorphic art (Arabesque / Islimi), he is a sessional lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London he has lectured at Cambridge University and taught in schools and museums across London, including the British Library, V&A, British Museum and PSTA. He wrote the Islimi chapter for theThames and Hudson book: Arts and Crafts of the Islamic Lands and recently published the book Profound Patterns.

Adam has traveled to study & work with many artists and craftsmen around the world including Keith Critchlow and Norhaiza Noordin. He was the subject of a documentary when he traveled to Malaysia and Indonesia looking at woodcarving and biomorphic art in that area.

Richard Henry

Richard Henry is an artist and teacher with particular interest in the contemplative aspects of pattern. He has a background in philosophy and cognitive psychology and studied for two years under Keith Critchlow, one of the world’s leading authorites on the geometry of Islamic patterns. Richard has subsequently lectured widely on this subject, and has devised and taught a number of practical courses on the geometry of Islamic patterns for the British Museum in London’s Worlds Arts and Artefacts programme. He has undertaken field studies in Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Turkey and Iran.

Richard is the co-editor and illustrator of Miranda Lundy’s Sacred Number, book about the history and symbolism of number, and has participated in a number of group shows and educational projects exploring links between geometry and art. Richard is a visiting lecturer at the The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, the Slade School of Fine Art, Central St Martins and an associate lecturer at the Open University in London.

Sama Mara

Sama Mara specialises in two-dimensional Islamic geometry and also engaged with contemporary topics in geometry including fractal theory and non-periodic tilings. He is particularly interested in the connections between things that geometry bridges so gracefully including the relationships between art & music, between science, nature & art and enjoys teaching mathematics through the means of pattern and geometry. He is currently engaged in a three year research and art project exploring the hidden relationship between pattern and music.

Sama has worked for many years in digital media producing videos, photos, websites, designs for print and animations. He is interested in the application of the principles underlying traditional Islamic geometry into the contemporary practice of design and architecture.

Tutors’ Works: