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Geometry Primer Series

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12 hours of class videos, plus 8 PDF ebooklets with step-by-step instructions.

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Aziza Iqbal ‘Ithna ‘ashr : 12’ Ink and 22k gold on paper


Taught by Richard Henry, the ‘Geometry Primer’ Series, is course of 8 classes, each 90 minutes long: total 12 hours of teaching material. The classes are specifically aimed at beginners. Each session focuses upon a key theme, or a ‘starter’ pattern, for which there is a class video, instructional PDF handout, time-lapses and additional supporting material. Participants can work through the classes at their own pace and enjoy lifetime access to the material. Upon registration, you will receive a payment acknowledgement and a secure link with access to the material within 24 hours.

Session content is outlined below. Scroll through header images to see examples of the patterns and themes covered.

Session 1

The creation diagram, 12-fold harmonic expansion (image above).

Session 2

The Breath of the Compassionate – introducing 8-fold symmetry

Session 3

The art of the weave – a pattern from Sokullu Mehmet Pasha, Istanbul.

Session 4

Harmonic rectangles, key Proportions and the Golden Mean

Session 5

A pattern from the tomb of Itimad Ud-Daula, Agra

Session 6

Polygonal Constructions from Abu Wafa Al-Buzjani to Leonardo (Part 1)

Session 7

Polygonal Constructions from Abu Wafa Al-Buzjani to Leonardo (Part 2)

Session 8

A 12-fold Rosette from the Mosque of Aqsunqur, Cairo.

Pentagonal construction from anonymous compendium, Persian circa 12th C, appended to an earlier work by Abu al-Wafa Al-Buzjani. Similar constructions are studied in Sessions 6 and 7.

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