In Autumn 2011 Art of Islamic Pattern embarked upon a very successful four-day study tour/workshop in Istanbul. The workshop was hosted by the Istanbul Design Centre in Sultanahmet. In addition to daily practical classes in geometric and biomorphic design, students were taken through the whole process of designing and painting an Iznik tile using traditional hand made tiles and authentic glazes from Iznik. The image transfer process and painting was demonstrated by local artist Ayshanur. There were contextual slide lectures including a presentation by the celebrated photographer Peter Saunders, and on one of the evenings a premier screening of a film about craftsmanship in Istanbul by an up and coming documentary film maker, Serkan Yildirim. There were visits to historic sites accompanied by local calligrapher Gulnaz Mahboob, as well as al-fresco drawing and geometry classes in the gardens and courtyards of the great mosques of Sultanahmet.





In Spring 2014 Art of Islamic Pattern returned to Istanbul for another a four-day intensive workshop. The workshop was once again situated within the Istanbul Design Centre

In addition to daily practical classes in geometric and biomorphic design alongside site visits, there was opportunity to gain practical experience of traditional Ebru painting with a local master Alparslan Babaoğlu.