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Geometric & Arabesque Pattern workshops

3-day series of workshops in Sydney, October 2019 TBC

Glaçage Café The Courtyard, 465-469 Chapel Rd,
Bankstown, Sydney

Rare visit to Australia from UK based artist/teacher Adam Williamson.

Individual classes: $75
Full programme (8 classes): $500 ($100 discount)

Classes inc complimentary coffee & a Thai lunch.
All course materials & equipment provided.
Open to all abilities & ages.


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Geometric Islamic Pattern
9.30am – 11:30pm     $75

Using the traditional tools of compass and straight edge we will create a beautiful rosette.


Islamic Pattern in 3D
12.30 – 2:30pm       $75

Each partipant will create an artwork reminiscent of the famous domed muqarnas ceilings.


2Arabesque Pattern
6 – 8pm    $75

Introduction to the fluid, versatile freehand biomorphic aspects of Islamic Pattern.



Paper folded Pattern
9.30am – 11:30pm     $75

Experience the simple, unique & satisfying folding process and create stunning 2d artwork.


Mamluk Patterns
12.30 – 2:30pm    $75

Learn beautiful biomorphic motifs from Egypt & Syria and draw this stunning 12 fold frontispiece of the Sultan Uljaytu Quran pictured in the banner above.


9Geometric Persian Patterns
6 – 8pm    $75

This session will focus on building patterns from medieval Persia and 5&10-fold symmetry.




DSC_0839Moroccan Patterns COURSE FULLY BOOKED
1-3pm    $75

Experience constructing a classical Moorish geometric rosette from Marrakech.


2 copyArabesque Persian Patterns COURSE FULLY BOOKED
Similar class below
4 – 6pm    $75

Create a beautiful 6 fold ‘Rumi Islimi pattern’ from Kerman & learn about the ‘Rumi’ family of biomorphic motifs.


NEW! Arabesque Persian Patterns
7 – 9pm  $75 

We will draw this famous radial pattern from The Jāmeh Mosque of Yazd.



Course Details

8 separate 2 hour classesOctober 2019 TBC
Location:Glaçage Café The Courtyard, 465-469 Chapel Rd,Glaçage Café The Courtyard, 465-469 Chapel Rd, Bankstown, Sydney
Course fee:$75 per session (including materials & Equipment)
Booking:We require the course fee to be paid in order to register a place. Payments refundable if 5 weeks' notice of cancellation given.
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Full programme, 8 classes. Inc discount
Geometric Islamic Pattern 9.30 – 11:30am. 13th December 2018
Islamic Pattern in 3D 12.30 – 2:30pm. 13th December 2018
Arabesque Pattern 6 - 8pm. 13th December 2018
Paper folded Pattern 9.30 – 11:30am. Friday 14th December 2018
Mamluk Patterns. 12.30 – 2:30pm. Friday 14th December 2018
Geometric Persian Patterns 6 - 8pm. Friday 14th December 2018
Moroccan Patterns 1-3pm. Saturday 15th December 2018COURSE FULLY BOOKED
Arabesque Persian Patterns 4 – 6pm. Saturday 15th December 2018COURSE FULLY BOOKED
NEW! Arabesque Persian Patterns 7 – 9pm. Saturday 15th December 2018
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