Geometric & Arabesque Pattern workshops

New York, USA July 2019

This 3-day program will include 9 distinct but complementary sessions. Participants are welcome to take one or all the sessions.

Classes will take place in the heart of lower Manhattan on Washington Square Pk at The Islamic Center at NYU

Those signing up for multiple sessions will receive a discount.
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Monday 8th July 2019

Arabesque Pattern
9.30am – 12pm    $55

Introduction to the fluid, versatile freehand biomorphic aspects of Islamic Pattern.

Islamic Pattern in 3D
1.00 – 3:30pm      $55

Fold complex geometric Islamic patterns with ease and then use these as a basis to build an artwork reminiscent of the famous domed muqarnas doomed ceilings.

Introducing Islamic Geometric Patterns   FULLY BOOKED
6 – 8pm    $55

Using the traditional tools of compass and straight edge we will a create a traditional geometric design and explore principles of tessellation.

Tuesday 9th July 2019

Geometric Persian Patterns
9.30am – 12pm    $55

This session will focus on building patterns from medieval Persia and 5&10-fold symmetry. 

2 copyArabesque Persian Patterns
1.00 – 3:30pm   $55

Create a beautiful 6 fold ‘Rumi Islimi pattern’ from Kerman (pictured right) & learn about the ‘Rumi’ family of biomorphic motifs.

Arabesque Mamluk Patterns FULLY BOOKED
6 – 8pm   $55

Learn beautiful biomorphic motifs from Egypt & Syria and draw this stunning 12 fold frontispiece of the Sultan Uljaytu Quran (pictured right).

Wednesday 10th July 2019

Arabesque Persian Patterns 2
9.30am – 12pm  $55

We will draw this famous ceramic radial pattern from The Jāmeh Mosque of Yazd.

Moorish Geometric Patterns
1.00 – 3:30pm   $55

Experience constructing a classical Moorish design typical of those found in the Nasrid Palace of the Alhambra.

Geometric Mamluk Patterns
6 – 8pm   $55

Architectural focus upon the door patterns and screens from Medieval Cairo and studies of surface ornament within the mosques of Ibn Tulun and Sultan Hassan

Course Details

9 separate 2.5 hour long classes8th-10th July 2019
Location:238 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012
Course fee:$55 per session (including materials & Equipment)
Booking:We require the course fee to be paid in order to register a place. Payments refundable if 5 weeks' notice of cancellation given.
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Full programme, 9 classes. $400 Inc discount
Arabesque Pattern 9.30am – 12pm Monday 8th July 2019
Islamic Pattern in 3D 1.00 – 3:30pm Monday 8th July 2019
Introducing Islamic Geometric Pattern 6 - 8pm Monday 8th July 2019FULLY BOOKED
Geometric Persian Patterns 9.30am – 12pm Tuesday 9th July 2019
Arabesque Persian Patterns 1.00 – 3:30pm Tuesday 9th July 2019
Arabesque Mamluk Patterns 6 - 8pm Tuesday 9th July 2019FULLY BOOKED
Arabesque Persian Patterns 2 9.30am – 12pm Wednesday 10th July 2019
Geometric Moorish Patterns 1.00 – 3:30pm Wednesday 10th July 2019
Geometric Mamluk Patterns 6 - 8pm Wednesday 10th July 2019
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