The Islamic Arts Biennale 2023- Jeddah

The Diriyah Biennale Foundation

Practical Islamic Art Workshops

4 day Dome building workshop with additional classespage1image60027840

focused on geometry and arabesque.page1image60017088

• Friday 10th Feb 2023 Children’s 3D Geometry workshop

10am – 12pm

A practical introduction to working creatively with Islamic Patterns. The workshop begins with a brief contextual slide lecture exploring the connections between the patterns found within the natural world and solar system and those within Islamic art. Through geometric drawing, we investigate the principles that control the evolution of pattern over two dimensional space and then, using simple stencilling techniques, explore the development of a classical Islamic pattern.

(Group size: 30 pupils)

• Friday 10th Feb 2023 Teenagers 3D Geometry workshop


There are only five regular three dimensional solids. Known as the Platonic Solids, sets of these structures have been found at ancient sites dating from the neolithic period, some 2000 years before Plato. For the ancient Greeks and Egyptians each of these forms had a special symbolism and together they were seen as the building blocks of the Universe. In this intensive workshop, children work in teams to build models of the solids and explore the fundamentals of number and pattern within space.

(Group size: 30 pupils).page2image58185408page2image58185616page3image57922016

• Saturday 11th Feb 2023 Dome building workshop

10am – 4pm

A more advanced workshop, which takes a closer look at pattern and number within the natural world. Using visual and tactile material and the process of drawing, we investigate the geometry of plants, crystals and other natural forms. We experiment with a range of 3- dimensional structures to understand how pattern behaves on a curved surface whilst constructing a geodesic dome, large enough to house all workshop participants

(Group size: 30 pupils)

• Sunday 12th Feb 2023 Adult arabesque (motif) workshop

6 – 9pm

Drawing workshop exploring arabesque patterns from across the Islamic World. We will draw a range of classical motifs and complete a radial composition.page3image57922640

Monday 13th Feb 2023

Adult Geometry workshop 6 – 9pm

What is the secret language behind nature’s forms? Is there a mathematics which involves no calculation, or a key to unlock the myriad beauty inherent in
pattern? These are just some of the questions that we will address in this 2-D workshop. Using traditional tools of compass and ruler, pupils first work individually to create their own designs, which can be coloured. They then work together in small groups to explore principles of tessellation. The workshop culminates with the creation a giant group collage, which can be displayed at the school. The final designs can also be used to decorate 3-dimensional polyhedra.