2 Upcoming adult and children’s workshops in Dubai in collaboration with Bayt Al Qindeel Classes will take part during the Dubai Design Week at Dubai Design District in November 2019 Full Details to be announced…



This is a rare 2-day programme that includes 6 separate, but complementary 2-hour long classes. Participants are welcome to take one or all 6 sessions. Each class costs 330 AED (£70). There is a 10% discount when signing up for all 6 classes. Register for the full programme of courses = 1785AED    (£375)


Introducing Islamic Geometric Patterns. Suitable for beginners but also those seeking to refresh their knowledge, the patterns taught will be different to previous Dubai presentations. Using the traditional tools of compass and straight edge we will re-create a beautiful geometric pattern based on 6-fold symmetry. This session is open to both adults and children.  Course Fee: 330AED    ( £70) Open to all abilities. 9.30am – 11:30pm, Friday 25th January 2019 Dubai Design District 

Arabesque Islamic Pattern This is a general practical introduction to the fluid, versatile freehand biomorphic aspects of Islamic Pattern. The class will culminate with a classical Mamluk glide pattern. This session is open to both adults and children.  Course Fee: 330AED    ( £70) Open to all abilities. 12.30 – 2:30pm, Friday Dubai Design District 2

Arabesque Persian Patterns

This session will focus on freehand motifs from medieval Persia. We will create a beautiful radial ‘Rumi Islimi pattern’ and learn about the traditional family of Persian biomorphic motifs.

1245 Course Fee: 330AED    ( £70) Open to all abilities. 3.00 – 5pm, Friday  Dubai Design District 


Saturday DATES TBC IMG_3404
Arabesque Moorish Patterns
Experience constructing compass and freehand arabesque patterns and gain a deeper understanding of the principles underlying a range of designs found within the such as the Morocco and Andalucia. Course Fee: 330AED    ( £70) Open to all abilities. 9.30am – 11:30pm, Saturday Dubai Design District 

4Geometry and Tessellation with Gold Leaf. This session will look at a classic Moroccan design based upon 8-fold symmetry. The basic design module will be incised into real gold leaf and then tessellated to make a larger composition. A new pattern, different from previous Dubai presentations, will be taught. Course Fee: 330AED    ( £70) Open to all abilities. 12.30 – 2:30pm, Saturday Dubai Design District 


Geometric Mamluk Patterns

In this class we will re-create a classic geometric pattern from Medieval Cairo, explore how to expand the design into a larger composition. We will also consider design variations and implicit rules governing good practice in traditional design . Course Fee: 330AED    ( £70) Open to all abilities. 3.00 – 5pm, Saturday Dubai Design District 


or more information and bookings please contact; islamicpattern@gmail.com You can read an article in the ‘The National’ about previous workshops in UAE by following this: link IMG_9664 3 spring DSC_0161

Course Details

Introduction CoursesNovember 2019
Location:Dubai Design District
Full 2 day programme1785AED (£380)
Introducing Islamic Geometric Patterns330AED (£70)
9.30am - 11:30am, Friday
Arabesque Islamic Patterns330AED (£70)
12.30 - 2:30pm, Friday
Arabesque Moorish Patterns 330AED (£70)
3 - 5pm, Friday
Arabesque Persian Patterns330AED (£70)
9.30am - 11:30pm, Saturday
Geometric and Tessellation with Gold Leaf330AED (£70)
12.30 - 2:30pm, Saturday
Geometric Mamluk Patterns330AED (£70)
3 - 5pm, Saturday
Information and bookings please contactislamicpattern@gmail.com