Geometric, Arabesque, Zellij & Plaster carving workshops

4-day series of workshops in Florianópolis, Brazil in 2024.

Rare visit to Brazil from UK based artist/teacher Adam Williamson.

This is an opportunity to take one or more stand alone-classes and develop practical skills in the arts & crafts of the Islamic world.

This 4-day program will include 10 distinct but complementary 2.5 hour long sessions. Participants are welcome to take one or all the sessions. 

There is a $150 discount when signing up for all 10 classes ($400):
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Open to all abilities
All course materials and equipment will be provided.


Thursday 21stNovember 2019

Geometric Islamic Pattern
2.30 – 5:00pm $55

Using the traditional tools of compass and straight edge we will a create a traditional geometric design and explore principles of tessellation.


Golden Section
6:30 – 9pm  $55

Learn the secrets of the golden section, draw a logarithmic spiral and create a dodecahedron.


Friday 22nd November 2019

Zelij Mosaic
10.30am – 1:00pm  $55

Learn how to assemble and cast traditional zelij pieces. This style of ceramic tilework is made from individually chiseled geometric tiles set into a plasterbase. It is one of the main characteristics of Moroccan architecture. It consists of geometrically patterned mosaics, used to ornament walls, ceilings, fountains, floors, pools and tables.


Plaster Carving
2.30 – 5:00pm  $55

Experience one of the most satisfying carving processes and complete a geometric and biomorphic pattern of your choice. Using traditional Moroccan tools and techniques.


Plaster Carving
6:30 – 9pm  $55

This session can be taken alone of as a continuation of the afternoon session. 



Saturday 23rdNovember 2019

Arabesque Pattern
10.30am – 1:00pm $55

Practical introduction to the fluid, versatile freehand biomorphic aspects of Islamic Pattern. The class will culminate with a classical Mamluk glide pattern.

Geometric Persian Patterns
2.30 – 5:00pm $55

This session will focus on building patterns from medieval Persia, where Islamic art reached an extraordinary peak of perfection. We will look in particular at the stunning 5&10-fold symmetry.


Sunday 24th November 2019

Geometric Moorish Patterns
10.30am – 1:00pm $55

9Construct a classical geometric pattern from the Maghreb and gain a deeper understanding of the principles underlying a range of designs found within Nasrid Palaces and the Marinid masterpieces.


Arabesque Moorish Patterns
2.30 – 5:00pm $55

IMG_3404Experience constructing compass and freehand arabesque patterns and gain a deeper understanding of the principles underlying a range of designs found in Morocco and Andalucia.


Arabesque Persian Patterns
6:30 – 9pm 2 copy $55

Create a beautiful 6 fold ‘Rumi Islimi pattern’ from Kerman (pictured right) & learn about the ‘Rumi’ family of biomorphic motifs.





Course Details

10 x 2.5 hour classes
Location:Rua Dom Pedro II, 35, Capoeiras - Florianópolis, Brazil
Course fee:$55 per session (including materials & Equipment)
Booking:We require the course fee to be paid in order to register a place. Payments refundable if 5 weeks' notice of cancellation given.
Reserve a Place:
Full programme, all 10 classes $400, inc discount
Geometric Islamic Pattern 2.30 - 5:00pm, Thursday 21st Nov 2019
Golden Section 6:30 - 9pm, Thursday 21st Nov 2019
Zelij Mosaic 10.30am - 1:00pm, Friday 22nd Nov 2019
Plaster Carving 2.30 - 5:00pm, Friday 22nd Nov 2019
Plaster Carving 6:30 - 9pm, Friday 22nd Nov 2019
Arabesque Pattern 10.30am - 1:00pm, Thursday 21st Nov 2019
Geometric Persian Patterns 2.30 - 5:00pm, Saturday 23rd Nov 2019
Geometric Moorish Patterns 10.30am - 1:00pm, Sunday 24th Nov 2019
Arabesque Moorish Patterns 2.30 - 5:00pm, Sunday 24th Nov 2019
Arabesque Persian Patterns 6:30 - 9pm, Saturday 24th Nov 2019
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