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Drawing Islamic Geometric Patterns

Module 3:
5 & 10-fold Symmetry


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Classic 10-fold Rosette in proportional module, one the first designs studied in Module 3.

Exploring 5 and 10-fold symmetry. We start by examining the role of the Golden Mean in Islamic geometric patterns, with a historical focus upon patters from Mamluk Cairo and medieval Persia. The module gradually builds in complexity, as students learn how to develop and accurately draw more challenging designs. The module comprises 5 classes with approximately 14 hours of class videos, together with supporting PDF e-booklets, detailing the stages of the patterns created, alongside images of the patterns within their historical context. Scroll through header images above to see examples of the patterns covered, as well as former students’ work.

Dual-level cut-tile design from Isfahan, Iran, studied in Module 3.

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