Follow-on course for experienced students

This an opportunity for students, who already have some experience of constructing geometric and arabesque patterns, to gain a deeper understanding of the principles underlying a range of designs found within the Maghreb and Andalucia.

We will look at the more complex multi-petal rosettes so typical of this region, and study their underlying geometric principles with a view to creating both classical and original designs. We will learn to integrate these geometric designs with the family of Moorish biomorphic motifs and explore more advanced compositions.

The course culminates with a 3 week period of practical application using designs studied and developed during the course. Individual project work can be undertaken in painting, stone or plaster-carving, wood marquetry and ceramics.

1 Abu Dhabi

Course Details

Dates:Sept 23rd - Dec 16th 2017
10 week course:Saturdays, 2 – 4.30pm
Location:Studio 31 Cell studios 80-84 Wallis road London E9 5LW
Course fee:£320 (including materials)
Terms & Conditions:We require a 50% deposit of £160 to reserve a place. The balance of £160 is payable on the first day of the course. Deposit refundable if 5 weeks notice of cancellation given.
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