Follow-on course for experienced students

12This an opportunity for students, who already have some experience of constructing geometric and arabesque patterns, to gain a deeper understanding of the principles underlying a range of designs found within the Maghreb and Andalucia.

We will look at the more complex multi-petal rosettes so typical of this region, and study their underlying geometric principles with a view to creating both classical and original designs. We will learn to integrate these geometric designs with the family of Moorish biomorphic motifs and explore more advanced compositions.

(Week 2 can be taken as a stand-alone module for those who have already completed an introductory course, or have an equivalent level of experience)

Students are advised to purchase a good quality compass (approx £20) in advance of the course. All other specialist materials are provided and included in the course fee.

Group Size: We normally limit group sizes to 14 students. This ensures maximum attention for each individual student.

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Course Details

Start date:2018 TBC
5 day intensive course:Mon -Fri, 10.30am – 4.30pm
Location:Studio 31 Cell studios 80-84 Wallis road London E9 5LW
Course fee:£320 (including materials)
Terms & Conditions:We require a 50% deposit of £160 to reserve a place. The balance of £160 is payable on the first day of the course. Deposit refundable if 5 weeks notice of cancellation given.
Reserve a place:please email to pre-register
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